In 2014 Bill Pratt and Ian Douglas decided to deepen audiences’ experience of our country by creating an original musical score to be performed live to images of Canada and the Arctic. Ian composed and arranged three new pieces of world/classical music (Arctic Dreams, Algonquin Wild, Yukon), each of which were directly inspired by Bill’s images of the Canadian wilderness and surrounding Arctic regions. The pieces are performed live by the Raintree Earth Ensemble (piano, cello, voice, hand-drums and percussion) to the photographic images which unfold on a giant screen — creating a visual and musical story that showcases Canada’s natural beauty. 

Arctic dreams is dark, barren, and haunting — featuring stark landscapes, icebergs, birds, and polar bears. Algonquin Wild is gentle, playful, and heartwarming — filled with wildlife, forests and lakes of Algonquin Park. Yukon is colourful, majestic, and vibrant — featuring mountain landscapes and animals of the Yukon and Northern BC wilderness.

The Raintree Earth Ensemble features Ian Douglas (piano, hand-drums), Steve Smith (cello), Kelly Sloan (voice), Neil Saungikar (hand-drums), and Steve Reside (percussion). 


Check out a few short samples of images and music from Canada Wild: Arctic, Algonquin, & Yukon